Night Vision Scopes Review: Best Night Vision Scopes to Buy in October 2018

Night Vision Scope experts reviewed dozens of Night Vision Devices in USA and made a list of best September 2018 Night Vision Scopes.

Here is the list of 7 top-rated Night Vision Scopes, ranked according to user’s feedbacks, reliability, safety, quality and preciseness.


users Rating


Sightmark SM18008 Photon XT 4.6x42S


Firefield FF16001 NVRS


ATN Night Arrow 4-2


ATN X-Sight II HD 5-20


Night Owl Optics NightShot


Yukon Nvrs Titanium 2.5X50 Varmint Hunter


Armasight Vampire 3X Night Vision Rifle Scope


Night Vision Devices

We reviewing the reliable and highest quality night vision optical devices from many a trusted companies in the night vision industry. Advances in Night Vision Technology have now reached a point where many industries depend more and more on this awesome technology. The big jump-start for the night vision industry was of course the fact that the night vision technology was developed and proven under combat situations. The growth and success of night vision industry was very similar to the introduction and growth of GPS technology: the government has allowed certain aspects of night vision technology to be available to the general public, although there are certain understandable export restrictions, which should be honored.

Night vision technology has progressed now to what is generally regarded as its third generation. The most advanced options in night time vision products are available for regular people. You’ll find automatic over-light shutoff, built in IR illuminators, flash protection and more features on a range of products that take night vision to a whole new level. We are also excited to bring you the latest in digital technology. All-digital devices are based on state-of-the-art infrared CCD sensors and bring the next wave of optical products to you today. Digital controls and real-time video output make these products compatible with your computer or camcorder for added functionality.

All our products have:

Night Vision Generations

Generation I

Devices generation 1 bulky enough. Their main advantage is low cost. First generation have a good, fairly clear image only in the center with distortion and blurring at the edges. In addition, if in the field of view fall bright light sources, such as lights, glowing Windows of houses, etc., there is a illumination of the entire image.

Devices created on the eop generation I+, differ from the devices of the I-th generation, first of all, a clearer and more comfortable picture, longer range in passive and active (using IR illumination) modes. At the moment, generation I and I+ devices are almost completely replaced from the market by II-III generation sights, which have more compact dimensions and less weight.

Generation II

Generation II and II + devices have automatic brightness adjustment, protection from exceeding the General level of brightness, protection from side and direct illumination by point light sources, good image quality without distortion throughout the field of view.

Thanks to EOP II, II + generation, characterized by great opportunities with respect to I and I+, the figure of the beast is distinguishable from a distance of 400 meters, and a detailed image of the object of observation — up to 300 meters. Generation II and II + sights have an excellent price/quality ratio and are suitable for most hunting conditions.

Generation III

Due to the improved characteristics and high sensitivity of the photocathode night sights for hunting III-generation work perfectly even in critical low light conditions. They convey a clearer, more detailed, saturated image than in generation II and II+devices. With such a sight, it is possible to defeat the target up to 700 meters. Night sights with EOP III-generation have the highest cost allowing you to get the maximum pleasure from hunting.

Generation IV

Electro-optical converters 4 generation ready to work even in daylight. Their photocathode is also made on the basis of gallium arsenide. This version is characterized in that the cathode voltage is synchronized by a generator, which reduces the emission of ions.

Digital Devices

Digital sights is a device for hunting at any time of the day. Unlike night vision sights with EOC, the digital night sight is equipped with an OLED matrix that is not afraid of daylight of any intensity. Thus, in front of us is not just a hfv for hunting only at night, but a full sight to work in day/night mode, which has a lot of interesting features that are not typical for the usual EOC.

Digisight N750 Digital NV Riflescope

Armasight ORION 5X Rifle Scope
Generation 1
Armasight Nemesis4x-SD
Generation 2
Generation 3
Armasight CO-LR FLAG MG
Generation 4
Pulsar PL76338 Digisight N960
Digital NV Riflescope

Night Vision Scopes

Night Vision Scopes is dedicated to helping you lift that shroud of darkness and bring a whole new world to light for you, by providing you with valuable information on How Night Vision Works, Who the Top Manufactures are and what products they carry, photos, videos and resources for finding the perfect Night Vision Scope for you at the right price. Have you ever heard that strange noise in the woods or outside your window on the darkest of nights, and found yourself really wishing you had the eyes of a cat? Or, maybe your job, sport, or hobby requires or benefits from the shroud of darkness but due to the human eyes not having the capabilities of seeing well in the find yourself looking to technology for help... here's where I hope to help you.

Night vision scopes

Night Vision scopes have actually been available to the public for some time now but, as many of you may remember, this was not the case in the past; Night Vision Scopes were just equipment that was only available to the Military or Government agencies. And when it did become available to the consumer, it was extremely expensive. Well, no more, just about all grades of night vision devices are available to the general public. In fact, Every year Night Vision equipment Technology advances and becomes more and more available to the general public as well as much more affordable, which explains the widespread increase in demand for quality night vision products through out the world.

Whether you’re a hunter, camper, hiker, wildlife observer, night working, Search and Rescue, Extreme Sports, Livestock management, Wildlife Conservationists, private investigator, security professional, in law enforcement or the military, Night Vision is affordable and available to you. As you may or may not know, Night Vision Scopes are just one of several different types of night vision devices that are available to you, the line of night vision includes currently; goggles, monocular, binoculars, and rifle scopes.Each with a specific use in mind as well as different Generations of technology and styles to choose from which all effects the quality of the image and of course the price goes up substantially when you start looking at Generation 4 (newest technology) grade night vision scopes. More on that later...but if your ready you may jump to my page on the different generations of technology that are used in night vision devices.

Personally, I live in San Diego at the base of a small mountain in North County that has a vast variety of wildlife that wanders around below our balcony during the day and night. We always had to get a flashlight to see what was prowling around down there...and of course I’m sure you know what happens when you shine a flashlight on a wild animal, they would stand in shock for a second or two, but then would always bound off giving us little more then a glimpse of them. Well, do I have to say, that our night vision scope has changed all that. We now watch all our “little friends” in their natural habitat doing what they would normally do without interference from us.

What to look for when choosing a night vision scope

Very soon we are waiting for the long-awaited hunting season. And if the end of summer and the beginning of autumn are still ready to please us with a warm and long light day, then closer to winter we increasingly hunt in conditions of complete or almost complete absence of any lighting. At the same time, many hunters use special optical devices to detect the beast in low light conditions. It can be:

Thermal imagers and thermal sights;

Instruments and sights of night vision.

Distinguishes them in fundamentally different processing technology night scenes. If the thermal camera shows the very essence the thermal signature of the object of hunting, the sight of night vision will show Your goal in detail. How does this work?


The basis of the night vision sight-Converter (electron-optical or digital matrix), which enhances the natural night image. Unlike the thermal imager, the nightlight shows a real view of the beast, not based on its thermal contrasts. Therefore, night vision sight where you can see the horns of cattle, wool, and eyes. Technologyща night vision

Another advantage of this technology is excellent drawing of leaves and other visible interference. If the thermal imager only shows you the animal through the leaves or small bushes, then in the PNV you can see separately each leaf on the tree that hides your goal. Why is it important? Foliage and branches can cause small, but not very pleasant ricochet, which can make a podranok and give a chance to escape the beast.

Night vision device generation

The pioneer hunters who have to use the night vision scopes for hunting could boast not so much a good picture and excellent detail, how a great price, and the respective status of the device. The thing is that in the beginning the hunters could choose only devices that worked on the basis of an electron-optical Converter. This microchip really well enhances night vision even in the absence of auxiliary lighting (tens of thousands of times), but has a number of drawbacks, including:

- Some time between;

- Only one preset image palette

- In most cases – the round shape of the image

- The possibility of damage from a bright flash of light.

Depending on the value of the magnification of the brightness of images night vision sights with this technology are divided into generations: from the first to the third plus. It's also simple – the higher the generation, the better the image and the higher the price. But the above shortcomings and inaccessibility to a wide range of users forced manufacturers to work on the next generation of night vision devices – digital.

Digital night vision sights

Digital night vision sight is the most versatile fighter. His heart is a matrix that enhances the night image and is not afraid of light. Also, unlike night vision devices on Eop, digital night vision has no operating time and in most cases allows you to choose a color palette for every taste.

However, and here not everything is so sweet as it seems. Digital night light is almost completely useless in the absence of natural light (moon and stars), and works only in conjunction with an infrared lamp.

"An infrared lamp is a lighting device that operates at a certain wavelength of light, which is partially or completely invisible to the human eye. But the digital matrix of the night vision device sees all the illuminated objects in full."

In short, if you choose a flashlight with a certain wavelength (from 940 Nm), you can achieve almost complete disguise of the hunter and the best quality of the night image, comparable to night vision devices on the Eope. By the way, comparison – digital night vision devices are increasingly put on a par with the devices of the second plus generation. Interestingly, the price of the first is much lower than the second.

Day and night. Other possibility

Some type of digital night devices allows switching from night mode to day mode – full color. For example, such sights as ATN X-Sight, in a couple of clicks turn a normal day sight into a full-fledged night device and Vice versa. At the same time, all the settings of targeting and optimization remain unchanged. Day and night

Speaking of shooting. All night vision sights have functionality that allows you to easily calibrate the point of contact in the future to save it in the memory of the device. At the same time, many modern night vision sights provide an even more extensive set of features – from video recording to remote control of the device from a smartphone.

Thermal imaging or night vision?

And yet-thermal imaging and night vision sight-these are two big differences. And if the budget allows you to look for a quality thermal sight, you should choose for yourself this type of device for hunting. But if you want a full fence for reasonable money, it is best to choose the following set: night vision sight and thermal imager. The first-for immediate called the shots, the second – for initial detection.

Thermal imaging or night vision?

А few tips for choosing a night vision scope for hunting

Sights of the first generation is not recommended to put on the caliber larger than .308 win. and smooth bore weapons. This is due to the risk of damage to the EOP, due to the high shock load. The sights generation 2 and 3 are free to work on any of the hunting calibers.

The distance of observation and recognition depends on the generation of EOP. For the first generation, the recognition distance can be taken as 50 meters, for II+ - about 200 m, for the III generation of night sights-more than 400 m.

The minimum weight and dimensions of the night vision sight make it more comfortable to use. However, it should not be forgotten that the more “powerful” the lens is installed and the better the protection against shock loads is made, the higher the weight the product will have.

Power supply image intensifier TUBE for night vision must be silent. Often this is the key to successful hunting.

The night sight lens in conjunction with the EOP and eyepiece should give a clear and contrasting picture with excellent resolution in the center and at the edges. The eyepiece should have a diopter setting and the lens focusing at different distances.

It is much more convenient to use the sight with adjustable brightness of the sighting mark.

Get night vision sights with waterproof housing filled with inert gas. It will protect the internal part of the electronics and optics from fogging in case of sharp change of weather conditions.

Buying PNV, give preference to firms with a wide experience of production and sales which without problems provide guarantee and post warranty service of the devices.

2 Best Night Vision Scope from our Experts

Night vision goggles

"Night glasses" is not an invention of another science fiction, but a really working tool for observation in extremely low or absent light conditions. This device is successfully used not only by hunters and military, but also nature lovers, tourists, security guards, law enforcement officers, rescuers, staykbolisty and various researchers, whose work is carried out in the dark.

Night vision goggles

The operating principle of the night vision goggles


There are several types of glasses that use a fundamentally different "filling". These are digital night vision goggles, devices on electronic converters of an optical signal and thermal imaging models. The most commonly used products collected on the TUBE.

If you do not delve into the technical "jungle", the operation of the device is as follows:

1. The lens collects the weakest night light, or the reflected light of infrared illumination, which is often used in so - called infrared night vision goggles;

2. The light rays are focused and directed to the photocathode of the electron-optical Converter, which converts the photon flux into a similar electron flux;

3. Photoelectron multiplier greatly enhances and accelerates the flow of electrons, the number of which is growing avalanche. Microchannel technologies and elements on gallium arsenide are also used, in short, the flow of electrons is enhanced;

4. The electrons fall on the fluorescent anode, which is under high voltage, and knock out of it photons, which completely repeat the original picture, but have repeatedly reinforced;

5. The resulting flow of photons, and, in other words, the light is sent by optics to the eyepieces of the glasses, and the user sees a picture that is inaccessible to the naked eye of an ordinary observer, getting the opportunity of a full night vision of objects or panorama as a whole.

As a result, you get an advantage over an animal or a person who is unable to fully see in low night light.

Digital devices operate on CCD matrices that convert the light collected by the lenses into a digital signal, amplify it and feed it to the LED monitor, which transmits the image to the viewer's eyepieces.

Thermal imaging goggles collect and amplify infrared radiation from any heated bodies. The use of such night vision goggles for hunting, military or rescue operations is particularly effective, as they do not need additional illumination. These glasses see any living objects, as their temperature is much higher than the temperature of the surrounding landscape, which distinguishes such goals from the General panorama.


For glasses, working on strengthening weak of light, is needed modicum some light. That is, in the complete absence of lighting (caves, houses, underground passages, etc.) the device has nothing to strengthen, and it does not work. In these cases, illumination is required, which is implemented using infrared LEDs or lasers.


The disadvantage of thermal imaging devices is their high price, as well as the restriction in use associated with the temperature of the surrounding objects. If the observation is carried out in a heated landscape (background), the target will merge with it and become invisible to the observer.

Peculiar properties

The main feature of night vision goggles (ONV) is the ability to observe the terrain with free hands. The device is fixed in the working position with a special mask, which is attached to the head or helmet due to the system of puffs and straps that securely hold the device in a convenient position for you.

As a result, you can hold a weapon, a video camera, a camera or drive a vehicle. At any time, the glasses can be folded up and observe the terrain in a natural way.

All this greatly simplifies the process of observation and frees hands, which is very important for a number of tasks. Binocular design (the presence of a separate eyepiece for each eye) with no approximation helps to estimate the distance between objects and their real size, simulating normal vision.


Night glasses are the most convenient type of night vision devices for long-term observations, as all other types of night vision devices have to be held in hands, which quickly tires. Also points allow you to move freely and navigate in space, because their optics has no increase.

How to choose night vision goggles

The choice of glasses for night surveillance should be taken responsibly, taking into account all aspects of their further use. Depending on what tasks you are going to solve with the help of the device, pay attention to the following parameters: Photo night vision goggles from the eyepiece on the hunt

1. Generation of EOP used. This affects not only the image quality and range of observation, but also the cost of points;

2. Availability of additional features. Ask the seller how to make night vision goggles able to bring the picture closer, highlight the panorama, put on a helmet, etc.;

3. Manufacturer. It is represented in the widest range of both domestic and foreign firms. It is important to enlist technical support, service and warranty service, availability and accessibility of all necessary parts and devices to expand the capabilities of the device;

4. Technical parameters. Carefully study all the parameters of the product. Make sure that the selected model best meets your requirements and is able to solve all the tasks that you set for it. Find the night vision goggles you are interested in on the Internet: videos and reviews will help you understand all the pros and cons of a particular device;

5. Price. Correlate the cost of the device and the benefits it will bring. Consider the tasks that you are going to solve with the help of certain ONV. Do not buy too expensive models for entertainment or cheap – for serious work.


Before buying a particular device, type in the search engine of your browser the phrase "night vision goggles photo from the eyepiece", add the name of the model and make sure the quality of the image that you have to watch. Choose sites that are not related to the manufacturer or its competitors.

Night vision goggles for hunting

Night vision goggles for hunting

Hunting is one of the types of activities in which frequently used HE B. They help to track down game in the forest at night is most effective, because your hands are always ready to throw up the gun, aim and make a shot. The important thing is that you can flip the eyepieces of the glasses and apply the night vision sight, so you get full vision support for finding and hitting the target.

There will be especially good glasses Pulsar Edge GS 1x20 with a mask. They differ convenient for shooting observation distance of 150 meters. EOP CF-Super will give a clear picture, and a single increase and a low weight of 650 grams will allow you to move without unnecessary load on your head and navigate well in the selected area.

Night vision goggles for drivers

Night vision goggles for drivers

Driving a car in a dark night, when the lights for one reason or another can not be used, as well as driving on unfamiliar rough terrain is now possible thanks to the ONV. Your hands are free to drive the vehicle, and your eyes can see all the potentially dangerous areas, obstacles and other interference that may prevent you from driving or damage your car.

For this task is well suited goggles PN 14K of Novosibirsk instrument-making plant (NPZ). At a relatively low price, the device has everything you need to drive at night: good protection from the glare of oncoming headlights, powerful IR lights, durable rubber body and EOP 2+ or 3-generation, giving a great picture at a distance that allows you to drive a car.

Night vision goggles with your hands

The network is replete with articles and video instructions for the manufacture of various night vision goggles. These experiences deserve attention and respect.

Those who want to better understand the topic, you should definitely watch the videos and even try to repeat the work shown in them. Then you should go to our store and ask to see the factory PNV. You will immediately feel the difference between an Amateur and a professional device.

Probably, there are homegrown masters who are able to collect more or less worthy PNV in his workshop. To use such a device for hunting or more serious tasks, at least, strange.


Factory devices are developed by serious designers, engineers, experts in the most different areas. The production cycle does not even make sense to describe, because it is clear to anyone that it is fundamentally different from the work of "garage Kulibin"

Conclusion to Night Vision Goggles

It is the most convenient night vision device for long-term observations and situations when it is important to free your hands. Night glasses are suitable for hunters, military, police, rescuers, researchers of night nature, speleologists, tourists and climbers.

There are many types and types of glasses, so before making a purchase is better to consult with a specialist company Optics Trade, which will provide all the information you need and give a lot of valuable advice. We wish you successful hunting, fruitful scientific research and implementation of all your most incredible plans using night vision goggles.

2 Best Night Vision Goggles from our Experts

Night Vision Binoculars

Night vision binoculars (night binoculars) were originally developed as a means of surveillance and reconnaissance for army units at night. As the concept of night vision binoculars have existed since the invention of the EOP 1 generation, but massively developed and produced began after the resounding success of the operation "desert Sword" during the Gulf war. Team tactical, thrown through the air by US aircraft, was equipped with night vision binoculars, which facilitated navigation in the terrain, fast movement during night passages and illumination of targets for aviation multinational forces.

Night vision binoculars are made on the basis of EOP GEN 1,2 and 3, are made in strong cases and are resistant to falls and pollution, some models have the ability to install lenses of greater multiplicity, and when installing lenses of 1x become night vision glasses and can be fixed on a special mask.

Night Vision Binoculars

High-quality lenses with maximum light transmission give a clear image to the observer, increasing the ability of night vision binoculars from 3 in devices based on eop 1,2 generation, from 3x-10x in devices with EOP 2,3 generation.

A wide field of view, typical of binoculars, allows observation with greater efficiency than using monoculars.

A new wave in binocular night vision devices is considered to be the creation of combined night vision devices that combine both a night vision device and a thermal imager, or an ordinary day binoculars ( multifunctional binoculars FORTUNA).

Night vision binoculars are a mandatory part of the set of intelligence units of the United States, France, Switzerland, Germany and Canada, are widely used in the Navy armies around the world, are also used by the rescue services of Canada, the United States and Russia, during the night rescue operations with helicopters. More than in the army and police, night vision binoculars are popular with tourists and ornithologists to observe the night life of animals.

2 Best Night Vision Binoculars from our Experts

Night Vision Monoculars

Night vision monoculars - night vision is a compact designed on the basis of EOP 1,2,3 generation intended for viewing in the dark.

Monoculars night vision began to develop for military purposes, with most companies set themselves the task not only to create a smaller version of night vision binoculars, and multifunctional use of the device.

Most modern monocular night vision goggles can be used as a module in surveillance systems(lenses and illuminators of higher power are installed, or 1x lenses are used, the monocular is fixed on the mask and used as night vision goggles) and aiming(monocular is installed together with collimator, or optical sight for action at night). The resolution of devices from 32 to 64 SHTR / mm, light amplification up to 50000, some monoculars have guides for installation of IR illuminators of greater power.

Night Vision Monoculars

The so-called "day and night" complexes, which are a quick-release or folding module in the form of a night vision monocular and a guide fixing it on optical and collimator sights, have gained particular popularity. In one motion, the night vision module can be connected to the aiming system, just as easily it is disconnected, being always on a firmly fixed bracket.

In recent years, night vision monoculars are actively used by police and army units, preferring more compact PNV than binoculars, and modular weapons systems.

Night vision monoculars are also used by professional journalists and tourists around the world, due to their low price, compared to night vision binoculars.

Among all models there is a series of digital monoculars Yukon Ranger, working on the most modern technology of digital signal processing, which allows the device to compete in image quality with EOP 2+, 3 generations, while the digital monocular works perfectly, both day and night, unlike most PNV. Digital night vision devices have also been developed in other firms and will soon arrive on the market, the technology of digital processing of the infrared waves is considered to be the most promising, along with the development of the EOP 3+.

2 Best Night Vision Monoculars from our Experts

Thermal Vision Devices

Thermal imager-a device for monitoring the temperature distribution of the surface under study. The temperature distribution is displayed on the display (or memory) of the thermal imager as a color field where a certain temperature corresponds to a certain color.

Thermal imagers are increasingly used by the armed forces of developed countries as night vision devices to detect heat-contrast targets (manpower and equipment) at any time of the day, despite the usual means of optical camouflage used by the enemy in the visible range (camouflage). From a specialized reconnaissance device, the thermal imager became an important element of the sighting complexes of shock army aviation (helicopters) and armored vehicles. Used and thermal sights for hand-held small arms.

The basis of thermal imaging lenses includes a rather rare material using Germany. This rare and expensive element, the price per gram varies about $ 1000, to add to this foreign electronics-we get not a budget price on the Russian market. The lens from Germany has a characteristic black color with mirror reflection, which is able to capture the thermal component of the infrared spectrum. After receiving the heat diagram electronics translates the image into the usual human eye range, simply put displays. Each object gives its heat, even if it is the coldest object. Due to the difference between the environment in the thermal visible silhouette of the object. The image can be made color. The lens is made in the form of tiny grids, similar to honeycombs in bees, each of which reacts in its own way. The intensity of these cells can be translated into colors from blue to red. The color image is convenient for Troubleshooting units, building thermal loss of facades of buildings and so on. For hunting purposes, color does not play any role. That is why thermal sights have a black and white image.

Thermal Vision Devices

Returning to the lens, it should be emphasized that photons do not pass through it, that is, light is not required for operation. This property allows you to use devices day and night, similar to digital sights. At the same time, the thermal imagers are not hampered by falling snow, rain or sandstorm, which is often used for search and rescue purposes. With a small vegetation it is possible to consider objects through branches. The viewing range of more than 1000 meters is also important. To enhance the effect of conventional IR lights is impossible, since they are designed specifically for the light component, but you can warm up the object:).The only thing that can stop the all – seeing thermal eye-glass. Ordinary glass is a bad heat conductor, which is why it will look like a dark spot on the screen. But this glass protection is unlikely to meet in the animal world.

The electronic component of thermal imagers allows you to use advanced functionality. Thermal sights can change the reticle, self-aim, record video. The presence of a large number of Russian manufacturers allow to develop thermal imaging direction, adding more and more functions. The thermal imager uses two matrices: for receiving thermal measurements and for display. Using different matrix resolutions we get the difference in cost. Most often, the resolution of two matrices can be either 384x288 or 640x480 pixels.

8 Tips For Choosing Thermal Scope

Often the thermal scope on the hunt serves as a means of detection and surveillance. First of all, going out in the field, you turn on your thermal monocular and look for the beast. In such a situation, it is important to have before your eyes the most complete picture of what is happening. Only a thermal scope with two combinations of characteristics can provide such a wide viewing angle: - The diameter of the lens 25-40 mm Or - Thermal matrix with a resolution of 640x480.

I go out once in the field, turn on the thermal scope and see through 100 meters of a boar in run. I continue to keep the device on the beast, but the picture is just incredibly freezes and I have no chance to keep track of such a dynamic animal. Don't repeat my mistakes! Thermal scope with a frame rate of 9-25 Hertz will not allow you to conduct active surveillance and to monitor the car in motion. But devices with a frequency of 40-60 Hz provide a comfortable transfer of all motions in nature.

The principle of operation of the thermal device is only that would show the heat hunter. However, if this "heat" sits behind a thick Bush, then only Your hunting chuyka and a share of luck will be able to tell about it, where without it? The sight of night vision enhances the natural night lighting or works in the spectrum of the infrared lamp, because all the leaves and branches are visible in it in great detail, but for other purposes, the stock of its detection is not always enough.

Another possible problem – ricochets from the branches in which the victim disappeared. The thermal scope clearly draws the target, but other small details, such as branches, just fade against the background of a warm-blooded animal. Consider this fact!

The overwhelming majority of manufacturers as the main indicator of the device indicate the maximum detection distance. Yes, it is "discovery". This means that with this thermal scope and at this distance you can see a tiny, bright point, which is destined to become your prey. However, it is always worth remembering that this point will not give any information about who is there – a horse, a moose or a peasant. Treat this with the utmost care!

The thermal scope just outlines the thermal contrast-warm objects on a less warm background. Most often, warmer objects are animals in whose veins flows hot red liquid. And if on certain specifics of a structure of this animal blood does not arrive to some of its extremities, and nobody will be able to see them in the thermal scope. It is, of course, about the horns, which often serve as a litmus to determine the sex of the animal.

Many modern thermal scopes provide the ability to scale images to better study the target at a distance. But none of them is completely devoid of the problem with the pixelation of images at high (and in some places quite low) multiplicities. Therefore, do not rely heavily on the large numbers in the graph of the characteristics of the device in front of the item "Digital ZOOM". In this regard, it would be more correct to make a choice in favor of a thermal scope with a matrix resolution of 640x480, which allows you to enlarge images with less loss in image quality.

Thermal scope (more precisely-thermal monocular) is designed exclusively and only for observations. To broadcast it on a weapon is strictly prohibited and contrary to all the rules of its use and common sense. It (thermal imager) is not designed for this. For these purposes, it is worth buying a thermal scope, which will provide a full set of necessary functions for accurate shooting. At the same time today you can buy this device is relatively inexpensive.

The first hunt with a thermal scope - what wonderful memories?! Memories, as I forgot to purchase an additional bloc accumulators and subsequently went to in tour on nearby villages and their little shops in search of modicum any source of energy. Remember this and take with you to hunt as many batteries and external power sources as your Hiking backpack allows. Especially in the cold season, when there is a risk of losing production at the most inopportune moment.

2 Best Thermal Vision Scopes from our Experts

ATN X-Sight II HD 5-20
Smart Day/Night Rifle Scope w/1080p Video
Smart Thermal Riflescope w/ High Res Video


To summarize, we have reviewed some of the best devices available on the market. A detailed review of each device will be made in the near future. Also, when buying, remember that our opinion is not the ultimate truth, so choose for your goals.