Hunting and long – range shooting are some of the activities that many people enjoy. There are many aspects that need to be perfect to be able to Excel in sports. People are constantly running to update their mechanisms to become the best in the business. Since these programs are quite expensive, you need to think about it before buying. This could be one missed purchase, which could result in hundreds of dollars being lost. Therefore, before buying, you always need careful study.

Especially when it comes to buying the best thermal scope, you have to make sure what features you are looking for and the budget you have to buy. There are many brands and companies in the market that develop different variations of thermal areas, providing different functions, which makes it extremely difficult to choose the one that suits you. Those that are genuine and those that are not a real deal cannot be clarified at first glance.

1. ATN MARS-HD 384 1.25-5×19

ATN MARS-HD is by far the most technologically advanced thermal sight series in the world! All systems are based on the new Obsidian “T” II processor. Greater power, greater functionality, and at the same time smaller size and cost allowed ATN products to win the largest exhibitions of thermal imaging equipment. MARS-HD is an elite line of thermal sights ATN, which is able to detect the target at a distance of more than 2500 meters. Record videos and photos on a microSD card. Do not forget to record successful shots with the help of the patented ATN RAV system (activation of recording when fired). ATM’s smart rangefinder allows you to quickly determine the distance to the object and allows the ballistic calculator to instantly adjust the trajectory of the bullet.

Obsidian Core & Interface

  • The core of ATN is worthy of the 21st century, handling up to 1 billion operations per second!
  • Using a high-resolution sensor will allow you to clearly see any objects at night!
  • OBSIDIAN core is a highly specialized computer with a set of sensors designed to process and compress huge files in the blink of an eye.
  • Set up ATN ATN MARS-HD for yourself is much easier than your phone or tablet.

Smart shooting system

Manage ballistic calculator is easy, no charts, complex templates or calculators. The new smart shooting feature does everything for you! Measure your target with a Smart rangefinder and the wind detection sensor in the thermal sight will do everything for you! Smart shooting automatically measures wind direction, angle and distance to your target so that every shot you take is perfect!

Technical parameters:

Sensor 384×288
Increase 1.25-5
Display angle 16×12.5
Lens 19 mm
The micro-display HD Display
Core ATN Obsidian “T” II
Exit pupil, mm 65 mm
Video recording resolution 1280×960 30 fps
Microphone available
Micro SD Card From 4 to 64 GB
Micro USB available
Micro HDMI available
Wi-Fi (Broadcast, gallery, management) iOS & Android
Bluetooth 4.1
GPS (The location, height) available
3D gyroscope available- GS7
3D accelerometer available
3D magnetometer available
Electronic barometer available
Smart meter available
Smart shooting (smart shooting) available
RAV shooting (Recoil Activated Video) available
Electronic compass available
Smooth zoom available
Type of sighting mark Replaceable, several colors
Binding Weaver/Picatinny integrated
Working time (LI-ION) 8 hours
Dimensions, mm 174x80x80 mm
Type of batteries 4 AA, 1.5 V (Lithium)
Mass 0.77 kg
Human detection range 625 m
Human recognition distance 280 m
Range of human identification 170 m
Guarantee 1 year


The thermal sight from the Armasight Predator family is characterized by its large capabilities of detection of masked objects, compact size and affordable price. The basis of the thermal sight Predator 336 put uncooled, long-wave microboleter FLIR Tau 2, with a resolution of the matrix 336×256 pixels. This sensor gives a field of view of 13° x 10°, and digital magnification to 4x. This model has a miniature lens, 25 mm in diameter, and a minimum focal length of 20 meters. It is capable of optical magnification up to 1.6 x. The maximum total magnification in this device is 25X, which makes it possible to use it at medium and long detection distances.

The Predator thermal sight is equipped with a compact LED VGA display with a resolution of 640 by 480 pixels. The eye of the device is equipped with a convenient light limiter for maximum image quality. The display, in addition to displaying the thermal scene, in the selected display palette (both in black and white and in color), also displays data of measuring values, the status of active functions and indicators of the device status. It is also possible to broadcast thermal images to an external monitor or camera.

Technical parameters:

The resolution matrix 336×256
Core FLIR Tau 2
Frequency 30 Hz
Display LED VGA 640×480
The image palette White Hot, Black Hot, Sepia, Fusion, Rainbow, and Rain
Lens 25 mm
Increase Optics – 1,6 x (NTSC/PAL), digital – 1x-2x-4x
Field of view 13° х 10°
Remove exit pupil 45 mm
The area of focus 20m to infinity
Diopter setting ±5
Video output PAL (768×574 pixels)/ NTSC (640×480 pixels)
The use of the weapon
Type of reticle Dot 4 MOA, Line Dot, Cross Center Dot, Cross, Crosshair, and “No Reticle” with color choice
– Black, White, Red, Cyan
Additional opportunity
E-compass available
IP rating Waterproof
Autonomous operation Up to 4 hours (optimal up to 12 hours)
Battery type 2 lithium batteries CR123A 3V or CR123 type with voltage from 3 to 3.7 volts
External power supply 6 VDC/ 600mА
Guarantee 3 years
Remote control 5-button wireless remote control
Overall dimensions 194x68x78 mm
Weight 700 grams


Thermal imaging scope Pulsar Trail XQ38 equipped with everything necessary for quick and accurate shooting, and a variety of multimedia features. And the key difference from the previous lines of thermal imagers pulsar is work from a removable battery, which is much more convenient than the standard power from AA or CR123 batteries. This thermal sight has the most saturated and contrast images with a high degree of detail. With it you will easily be watching through the bushes and haze, but the best result it will show in open areas (detection up to 1300 meters). For a more precise definition of separation of purpose there is provided stadiametric rangefinder. Thermal sight Pulsar Trail XQ38 is equipped with everything necessary for accurate and fast shooting – among other things, here is the function of “one-shot” and “frezze” (saving in memory of the last shot and its subsequent adjustment). Also available here is a profile for shooting 5 different distances, where you can save all the parameters of the sight calibration and quickly restore them if necessary. There are a large number of digital sighting nets with different configurations. And you can set this sight even on large-caliber weapons with muzzle energy up to 6 kJ!

Technical parameters:

The resolution matrix 384×288
Core Uncooled (ULIS France)
Frequency 50 Hz
Display AMOLED 640×480
The image palette Black / White / Color
Lens 38 m, F/1,2
Increase 2.1 … 8.4 x, digital zoom 2x-4x
Minimum focus distance 5 m
Field of view 17.2 m per 100 m
Remove exit pupil 50 mm
Human detection range 1350 m
Diopter setting +4/-4
The range of human recognition 600 m
Range of human identification 300 m
Video format .avi, фото – .jpg 640×480
microUSB Yes
WiFi Yes, 2.4 GHz 802.11 b/g/n
The use of the weapon
Cost per click 27 mm per 100 m
Impact resistance 6000 j
Type of reticle Replaceable digital grid
Autonomous operation 8 h
Battery type B-Pack (Li-ion)
External power supply 5V – USB
Remote control Remote control
Overall dimensions 285x72x76 mm
Weight 520 grams

4. NVECTech X35

The eotech x 35 sight is a powerful thermal imager based on a highly efficient VOx infrared detector with uncooled infrared radiation and with military quality and high performance. Nectech X35 provides several models to choose from to meet different user requirements. And thanks to its high environmental adaptability, such as high IP67 protection and high impact resistance, this sight can operate in harsh environments.  The sight is based on high-performance VOx infrared detector with non-cooling infrared radiation, with military quality and high performance. Unique image processing algorithm to reduce noise and highlight the target. In addition, Xsight also has Zoom, E-zoom, PIP, and various color palettes to help you find your target.

The resolution matrix 384×288
Core non-cooled VOx (vanadium oxide), 17 microns
Frequency 50 Hz
Lens F35/1.0
Increase 1x – 4x
Field of view 10.5×8°
Remove exit pupil 48 mm
The area of focus От 5 m
Human detection range 2000 m
Diopter setting – 6…+ 4
The use of the weapon
Impact resistance 6000 j
IP rating IP67
Autonomous operation 7 h
Battery type 4xCR123A
Overall dimensions 230x55x55
Weight 700 grams

5. Pulsar CORE RXQ30v

Thermal rifle scope/monocular Pulsar CORE RXQ30V is a unique device for observation and aimed fire, which shows heat signatures in green sapphire color. Core RXQ30V is equipped with a 384×288 matrix with a refresh rate of 50 Hz, displays warm objects on the AMOLED 640×480 display. With its defective pixel repair technology and IPX7 waterproof protection class, this thermal imager has three modes of operation: rocks, forest and identification to provide the best picture for the surrounding environment. Core RXQ30V has a base of 1.6-fold increase, from 2x;3x;4x times digital zoom. The case is made of durable fiberglass, powered by CR123A battery and can detect human heat at a distance of 900 meters.

Range of detection, m 900
Minimum focusing distance, m 5
Model RXQ30V
Display resolution, Pix. 640 x 480
Display type AMOLED
Удаление выходного зрачка, мм 50
Frame rate, Hz 50
Digital zoom, x 2x,3x,4x


Buying Guide – What to look for when buying a thermal scope


The resolution determines the clarity of the image you see in the heat area. This makes it a very important aspect to look at it as poor resolution will result in pixellated images that will not help you achieve the goal. So, to avoid missing important elements, it’s better to move to the high-resolution are


This is closely related to the resolution of the scope. There are two types of zoom: optical zoom and digital zoom. Optical zoom allows you to zoom in without losing resolution. But digital zoom improves the image to enlarge it. Thus, it may lose some resolution and reduce the image quality. The best option would be to choose a thermal area that has optical and digital zoom capabilities. This allows you to zoom in significantly while maintaining the optical zoom quality.

Battery Life

Like any other device, the heat area also runs on a battery. Some of them work for 5 hours continuously, while others can work for more. Some use external disposable batteries as well as others that use rechargeable.

Refresh Rate

The refresh rate plays an important role in making the images produced by the thermal sight excellent quality. Most of the thermal power available on the market today is in the 30 Hz to 60 Hz category. The value represents a cycle per second when the image is refreshed. As the number of updates increases, the image will become more realistic. Thus, it is better to have a thermal range that has higher refresh rates to help it provide quality images to you.


Other features like Y-compass barometer, various summaries and all this adds up to make the area more efficient. So if you can buy an area with these extra features, it will be easier for you to use it.

Budget and Requirements

By looking at your budget and your requirements from the scope, you can eliminate those that do not fit the description. So, pay attention to budget and requirements before sifting through different models of thermal areas


The thermal scope plays an important role in helping you better aim your rifle. Therefore, follow these guidelines, and check out the products mentioned in this article to get a better idea of what kind of heat base you can buy