Night hunting is a very exciting activity, often bringing a lot of vivid impressions, joyful emotions and pleasant memories, especially for beginners. However, without auxiliary devices, it can turn into a useless walk through the night forest with additional burdens and a complete lack of much-desired hunting trophies. To avoid this, you need to prepare in advance, namely to purchase a night vision sight. In this article we will focus on the 5 most suitable sights for night hunting, available on the market, and will highlight their main advantages and disadvantages.

1. ATN X-Sight 4K Pro 5-20x

Scope ATN 4K 5-20 x is the older version of night vision sights for hunting, with a smaller viewing angle, but with large optics and increased approximation. We advise you to take this device if your shooting will be based on 100 meters and further, or on small game, for a comfortable hit. The most important change was the image transmission system, now there is no jelly effect with the rapid movement of the sight, as the frame rate is increased to 60 and 120 Hertz.


Main technical specifications:

Sensor ATN 4K M265 Sensor, 3864 (H) x 2218 (V)
Matrix resolution, px 3864px x 2218px
Lens diameter (mm) 80
Display HD Display
Display resolution 1280×720
Frame rate, Hz 30 | 60 | 120 FPS
Multiplicity 5-20x
Maximum field of view 5 Degrees
Field of view at 1000m, m 73,1 m
Color palette 7 Colors
Modules and functions
Ballistic calculator include
Memory 4Gb (System) + MicroSD up to 256Gb
Core ATN Obsidian IV Dual Core
Video include
Photo record include
Microphone include
USB include
Bluetooth module include
GPS module include
Wi-Fi Module include
Working distance
The wavelength of IR 850nm
Detection Up to 600 m
Recognition Up to 400 m
Identification Up to 300 m
Technical data
Moisture protection IP66
Working hours, h. Up To 18 Hours
Housing Aluminum
Aiming nets 7 Types
Service temperature – 20C – +40C
Dimensions, mm 379mm x 76mm x 76mm
Weight, g 1010 Gr.

2. Armasight Vampire 3×72 Weaver-Auto

The Armasight Vampire 3×72 Weaver night vision sight is built using the latest CORE technology, which provides clearer images, better-in-class resolution and increased sensitivity. The image quality is comparable to the highest quality Gen 2+ generation models, even in difficult conditions, with poor lighting. The body of the device is made of solid aluminum, using o-rings and covered with rubber for additional protection. The model is completely filled with nitrogen, so that, with a sharp change in temperature there was no fogging. The weapon is mounted using the weaver mount. The device has an internal IR illuminator.Optics of the highest quality will ensure You an enjoyable and successful hunting, after all, Armasight Vampire 3×72 Weaver has multi-layered lenses, with precise, adjustable manually by the grid.


Main technical specifications:

Model Armasight
Country USA
Generation CORE Technology
Magnification, times 3
Field of view° , 10,5
Rendered ocular point, mm 46
Exit pupil diameter, mm 22
Limit refocus the eyepiece, diopter -4 … +4
Dimensions, mm 275 x 87 x 95
Security class IPX6
Nitrogen filling Yes
Weight, kg 1,36
Resolution, lines / mm 60-70
Range of detection, m 350
Built-in IR illuminator Yes
The wavelength of the IR illuminator, nm 850
Type of batteries 1xCR123
Impact resistance, j 3700
Cost per click, MOA 1/2
The type of mounting bracket Weaver
Type of remote control Wire
Battery life, hour 60
Warranty 1 year

3. Yukon Photon XT 4,6x42S

Yukon Photon XT 4 night vision sight.6x42S is perfect for night hunting at medium distances. The use of CMOS sensor (CMOS) are made the riflescopes Photon are able to work in conditions of high brightness, are not available for devices based on image intensifier. LED IR illumination extends the scope, providing high image quality even in low light. Another advantage of digital “night lights” is the ability to work with all kinds of IR lights without the risk of disabling the device.

The main advantage of the Yukon Photon XT 4.6x42S is a unique design, allowing you to install a scope on standard rings 30 mm, which greatly facilitates installation, allowing you to use when installing proven solutions that are suitable for a specific weapon. The weight and dimensions are fully consistent with the optical sights and do not violate the balance of the weapon.

The Photon XT series sights perfectly cope with high loads up to 6000 j thanks to which it is possible to install on large calibers including .375, and can be mounted on shotguns and air rifles. Safe 60 mm distance of exit pupil eliminates the damage to the eyes when shooting from large-caliber weapons.

Main technical specifications:

Electronic component
Sensor type CMOS SENSOR
Camera resolution, pixel 656Х480
Display type LCD
Display resolution, pixel 640Х480
The presence video in/out no/ yes
Type of video output RCA
Optical characteristics
Multiplicity 4,6
Lens diameter, mm 42
Lens focus, mm 50
Relative aperture, d / f ‘ 1:1,2
Field of view, degree 4,3
Field of view, m/100m 7,5
Min focus distance on an m 10
Pupil, mm 60
The diopter adjustment, diopter ОТ -3 ДО +3
Resolution, lines per mm 38
Built-in IR-LED illumination
Emitter LED
The wavelength of IR, nm 810
Equivalent IR power, mW  100
Beam divergence, degree ≥ FOV
Detection range
Detection range, m 120
Power supply
Voltage, V  4/5
Battery type 2ХАА
Battery life, h (with/without IR)  4/5
Horizontal and vertical division, 1 (H / V), mm @ 100 m 25/25
The number of clicks (H / V) 60/60
The number of preset grids 6
Physical and operational characteristics
Lens material glass
Body material Glass-nylon composite/metal
Type of mounting WEAVER
Operating temperature deg. faring Up +5 to +122
Water resistant IPX4
Impact resistance have
Maximum recoil, j 1000
Tube diameter, mm 30
Size, mm 398x75x80
Weight, ounces’ 23,6

4. Pulsar Phantom 4X60 BW Weaver

The device has many advantages that are not seen in other night vision devices. Thanks to the optical path filled with nitrogen, the sight can be used even during a snowstorm or a shower and it will not affect its work in any way. The device is equipped with a brightness control, so that you can adjust it to different lighting, and it has a high contrast image. Mil-Dot mark and removable IR illuminator will help you to be more accurate during aiming and shot. Do not lose sight of the internal lens retainer, which will allow more accurately fix the object. Unique mounting brackets will provide you with the installation of sight on any kind of domestic and foreign weapons. The device has a rather necessary function of self-disconnection (if the observation is not carried out for more than 10 seconds), which saves battery power up to 24 hours. Also the lens cap is protected from loss. One of the main advantages of the device is a remote control.

Main technical specifications:

EOP type, generation * EPM66G2-U-WPT
Increase, x 4
Lens diameter, mm 60
Field of view, degrees,° 9
Removal of exit pupil, mm 50
Resolution, lines / mm 45
Maximum detection distance, m * * 700
The limit of refocus of the eyepiece, DPTR ±3.5
Minimum focusing distance, m 8
Supply voltage, V 1.5 V (1xaa) or 3 V (1xcr123)
Protection class according to IEC 60529 IPX6
Cost per click, mm / per 100 m 13.5
Length, mm 320
Width, mm 95
Height, mm 103
Weight without the mount, kg ≈1

4. Yukon Photon RT 6x50S

The company Yukon Advanced Optics Worldwide develops software for their optical devices. The owner of any Yukon optoelectronic device compatible with the Stream Vision platform can be sure that he will always be able to develop the functionality of his device in the future. Photon RT sights are equipped with a recording device that allows you to make high – resolution photo and video shooting directly in the process of observation. Image and video files stored on the built-in memory card can be transferred to a computer or mobile device via a wired connection or Wi-Fi connection.The mark is entered on the display electronically and is always in the image plane of the target. Memory Photon RT contains 6 different configuration and purpose of sighting marks in three color versions.

Main technical specifications:

SKU 26393
Brand Yukon
Country Belarus
Type NVC Scope
Generation of EOC Digital
Type of matrix CMOS
Camera resolution, Pix. 768×576
Display type LCD
Display resolution, Pix. 640 x 480
Magnification, x 6/12
Lens diameter, mm 50
Removal of exit pupil, mm 70
Exit pupil diameter, mm 5
The limit of refocusing ocular, DPTR 4
Min. focusing distance, m 10
Recognition distance, m 280
Radiation source (diode type) LED
The wavelength of the IR illuminator, nm 850
Continuous operation time, hour 3.5
External power supply 5 V
Operating temperature, ° C -15 … +50
Water resistant IPX5
Dimensions, mm 458 x 100 x 92



We sincerely hope that you could learn something new from our tour of night vision sights. The choice of such a device – it requires special care and criticality. Having a clear idea of what parameters should have the purchased goods, greatly simplifies the task. Below are a few basic parameters on which our editorial staff was guided in the preparation of the list :

  • The range of observation

The buyer should note that the range of observation and identification provided by night vision devices depends on the magnitude of the natural night illumination, the transparency of the atmosphere and the contrast between the object of observation and the background. In high light, in the moonlit night in the presence of external lights, if the object of observation is located on a light background (sand, snow), the range of recognition increases. With low light, low transparency of the atmosphere, if the object of observation is located on a dark background (arable land, tree trunks, etc.), the range of recognition is reduced.

  • Day and night. Other possibilities

Some type of digital night devices allows switching from night mode to day mode – full color. For example, some sights in a couple of clicks turn an ordinary day sight into a full-fledged night device and Vice versa. At the same time, all the settings of targeting and optimization remain unchanged.

  • Сharacteristics of devices

When choosing it is necessary to pay attention to the magnification and aperture of the lens. The larger the lens magnification, the greater the detection range. But this is assuming that growth remains high the lens aperture. For example, when 6-fold magnification with a lens speed of 1:2, the detection range is shorter than with 4-times magnification and lens aperture of 1:1.5. The weight, mechanical characteristics, and ergonomics of PNV play a significant role. They should be convenient and reliable in operation, especially when working with it for a long time. Therefore it is not always when buying PNV justified by the desire to make lightweight. Weight is an important characteristic, especially in continuous long-term use of the device. But the desire to reduce the weight, for example, sights, less than 1 kg, without worsening other characteristics, is very problematic and unreasonably expensive.