Thermal rifle scope ATN MARS-HD 384 1.25-5x thermal imaging device the resolution of the matrix 384х288 pixels. The first thing when the device falls into your hands, you immediately realize that the quality of parts and Assembly are made at a height. Appearance is wonderful, but the most interesting is the filling, the software (hereinafter referred to as SOFTWARE) will not leave indifferent any hunter. An important component of any thermal sight optics, matrix size and a number of other components. The model of thermal sight for hunting ATN MARS-HD 384 1.25-5x lens size is 19 millimeters.

Main parameters:

  • The resolution of the thermal imager matrix is 384×288 pixels;
  • OLED screen 1280×720 pixels;
  • Frame rate 50 Hz;
  • The increase in the ratio 1.25-5x;
  • Overview 16 x 12.5 deg (1 degree = 1.1111 deg).

The target detection range of 700 meters. At this distance, the hunter realizes that in front of him at a distance of 700 meters is a warm target.

Target recognition is 350 meters away. At a distance of 350 meters, the hunter can understand what is in front of him. Animal, or hot cobblestone, in most cases at this distance is already clear what kind of animal you are watching.

Identification of the target of 170 meters. At a distance of 170 meters you will be able to understand exactly what kind of animal is in front of you and, in some cases, it is possible to determine the sex.

The ATN MARS-HD 384 2-8x hunting sight is designed so that after a short acquaintance with it, you can press all the buttons on the body without being distracted from viewing in the eyepiece. Control buttons in the future are intuitive. On the body, there is a special place for mounting additional equipment. It can be any accessory that entails this type of mount. Place, for example, a laser rangefinder.

Thermal rifle scope ATN MARS-HD 384 2-8x powered with regular “AA” batteries. That significantly affects the ease of replacement of worn batteries. It is not necessary to use conventional AA batteries, it can be rechargeable batteries that are recharged in a special charger. The number of these elements supply is 4 PCs working Time of the device at these conditions is about 8 hours continuously. In case of lack of charge, you can quickly change the discharged batteries, or connect to the USB data port of your power Bank. It can be attached with plastic clips to the handle of the weapon, or buy in our online store as an additional accessory: a bag for an extra battery.

The main functionality of the operating system Obsidian “T”. Shooting with Obsidian ” T ” turns into an easy and relaxed activity. One way of zeroing at 100 meters – direct weapon regular sight in zero. Make a shot, adjust the sighting mark using the menu in the sight, or using a bunch of sight with a tablet or smartphone. Then enter ballistic data of your ammunition in the built-in calculator, it is more convenient to do it from the tablet when linking on Wi-Fi with a thermal sight. When shooting at long distances, all calculations can be entrusted to automation.

Thermal sight for hunting ATN MARS-HD 384 2-8x is equipped with sensors of air pressure, wind, direction, and inclination of the sight on both axes. Equipped with a built-in electronic compass and GPS. With it, your routes are recorded and you can put geotags on photos and videos.

In the sight there is a large selection of reticles, you will always find it to your taste. There is also a large selection of palettes, of which you will always choose the most suitable for each case.

Technical parameters:

Matrix resolution 384х288
Core ATN Obsidian “T” II
Display Micro: HD – 1280 х 960, 30 fps
Lens 19 mm
Increase 1.25x – 5x
Field of view 16 x 12.5
Human detection range 700 m
The range of human recognition 350 m
Range of human identification 170 m
Support microSD card From 4 to 64 GB
microUSB External power supply
microHDMI Yes
WiFi iOS & Android
Bluetooth 4.1
Additional feature
Microphone Yes
3D gyroscope Yes ― GS7
3D accelerometer  Yes
3D magnetometer Yes
E-barometer Yes
E-compass  Yes
Operational parameter
IP rating Waterproof
Autonomous operation up to 8 + hours
Battery type 4xAA
Guarantee 3 years
Overall dimensions 174x80x80
Weight 700 grams


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