Thermal rifle scope ATN MARS-HD 640 2.5-25x powerful thermal imaging device of its class, the resolution of the matrix 640×384 pixels, the focal length of the lens 50 mm.the First thing when the device falls into your hands, you immediately realize that the quality of parts and Assembly are made at a height. Appearance is wonderful, but the most interesting is the filling, the software (hereinafter referred to as SOFTWARE) will not leave indifferent any hunter. It is possible to recognize a person at a distance of up to 600 meters, the images of thermal imaging devices of this company are distinguished by a clear image without the effect of”haze”.

With thermal scope ATNI MARS-HD 640 2.5-25x feel more than confident, there is no problem with the distance, search, target detection. ATNI MARS-HD 640 2.5-25x perfectly covers the basic needs of the hunter, including in the mountains. The device is universal for all, can be used as a classic scheme (shot and work) and more advanced users can use features such as:

Ballistic calculator

Using the following function is as simple as activating auto video recording. Pre-make all the necessary characteristics of the weapon, cartridge, rifle scope height from the center of the barrel, fill in the necessary data profiles and the environment. For more accurate shooting, we recommend using a laser rangefinder of the same brand, the synchronization takes place on the Bluetooth accessory. After the description you can find a video how to prepare the scope for the correct operation of ballistics.

Stream the images over Wi-Fi

The module allows you to remotely control the thermal scope and broadcast live video image to a tablet or smartphone at a distance of 60-70 meters. To use these parameters, you need to download the program from the manufacturer “ATN Obsidian” to your phone after installation, connect the scope via Wi-Fi to your tablet or phone and make settings, change grids, palettes, broadcast the image.

Stadiametric rangefinder

Quite a common function in the” Smart products”, the use of the following:Select the growth figure of the animal (wolf, boar, elk, bear) click on the rangefinder icon appears bar, compare it with the highest point of the animal, then there is a second bar it needs to align the hooves, at the end of this operation, the distance will be displayed in the left corner of the display.

Automatic video recording when shot

To activate this function, you need to activate it in the menu and set the interval that you would like to capture before and after the shot. Let’s say we set an interval of 3 minutes, this means that after the recoil of the shot, the scope will form a reference point and will be recorded video fragment in 6 minutes, 3 minutes before the shot and 3 after, of course in the middle will be shot.


Allows you to connect accessories without using wires to your thermal camera for hunting. To date, there are not many, it is a remote control and a laser rangefinder (1-1.5 km).


This module is tied to some functions, such as sleep mode, after activation, do not leave your Mars HD still depending on the set interval after a while the display will go off, you can awaken the scope with just one action, just take it in hand, that would change the position of the gun. Also on the desktop display you will see on the sides of the two scales, it displays the angle of the blockage on the horizontal and vertical axis.


This module, when enabled, leaves geo data (longitude and width) tied to photos.The data can be viewed through special mapping programs (Google Earth).


The Micro-HD Display and 50 Hz frame rate give an excellent image, without delay. You will be able to detect the target at a distance of 2600 meters (depending on the size of the object, several pixels will burn with a characteristic color). Discernment with 600 meters and identification of 350 metres.

Powerful processor

This is a highly specialized shell of the processor, allows you to process and transmit the image without delay, the number of necessary parameters present in the SOFTWARE will allow you to make a comfortable adjustment of the thermal scope. A big plus is if you have already encountered any of the devices “Smart optics” because the SOFTWARE is very similar and adaptation will take a few minutes. The new user will quickly learn how to navigate the menu, everything is simple and intuitive.

Profile manager

Save all the ballistic data and your weapon’s shootings in the Profile Manager for each weapon you plan to use MARS-HD with. No more worrying every time you shoot a gun, just create a new profile once, set it up and use it at any time.

Technical parameters:


 Matrix resolution 640х480
Core ATN Obsidian “T” II
Display Micro: HD – 1280 x 960 at 30 fps


Lens 50 mm
Increase 2.5х – 25x
Field of view 12.5 x 9.7
Human detection range 1500 m
The range of human recognition 600 m
Range of human identification 350 m


Support micro SD card From 4 to 64 GB
micro USB External power supply
micro HDMI
WiFi iOS & Android
Bluetooth 4.1

Additional features

3D gyroscope ✓ – GS7
3D accelerometer
3D magnetometer


IP rating  IP66
Autonomous operation up to 8 + hours
Battery type 4xAA
Guarantee 3 years
Overall dimensions 224x80x80 mm
Weight 840 grams


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