ATN never ceases to amaze us! This brand has long been a market leader in its segment, it is always one step ahead of competitors and every modern hunter is familiar with their products. ATN prides itself on keeping pace with consumer demands. The new Mars 4 thermal imager was no exception. Has the brand created another winner?

Recently, the brand announced its latest update of the already popular line of thermal sights MARS HD (ThOR HD). The new version significantly expands hunting opportunities in the dark. The new ATN MARS has inherited a lot from the HD version – remember the built-in electronic barometer, Wi-Fi with which you can access recorded data and streaming video, and GPS geotag.

The new ATN MARS 4 thermal sight now also supports dual video streaming, meaning you can simultaneously shoot and stream video to your tablet or smartphone in real time, allowing others to follow your hunt live.

But ATN is always looking to solve more of the problems a hunter would normally face. Now their product has become even more convenient and practical to use. We suggest you make a proper comparison of the ATN MARS 4 with the MARS HD before purchasing your next thermal sight – you may just be surprised at what ATN has managed to do in such a short time!

The ATN MARS series 4K

When all devices in the series will be released on sale, you will have a wide selection of thermal imagers available in various lens magnification options. Of course, the greater the multiplicity of the increase in sight, the more you have to pay for it. However, ATN still manages to provide affordable thermal sight options with impressive built-in technology. Be sure-any of these purchases will eventually be profitable.

Next on what exactly you should expect in the new version of Mars.

New opportunity

In all ATN MARS 4 series products, you can find some improvements and new features that set them apart from other similar thermal imaging sights; in some cases, they are strikingly different from the latest MARS HD version.

1. Processor:

Many advantages of modern technology lie in the fact that an attractive design hides no less attractive filling. Of course, everyone wants their machine to work fast, and You can also act fast.

The line of thermal imagers MARS 4 has a dual-core processor, working in your favor. These small devices use some of the latest features of computer technology. The new dual-core processor “ARM Obsidian IV” is the most powerful among analogues, and one of the reasons why hunters around the world have already made this sight in the list of desirable purchases.

2. Refresh rate:

As in the versions on the 384×288 matrix, and on devices with a resolution of 640×480, all scenes will be displayed with a refresh rate of 60 Hz. But why is it so important?

The moment you’re working at HD resolution (50-60fps), it affects your capabilities when you’re in combat and ready for the trophy. You can beat farther – even four times the normal distance, getting great feedback and image detail.

Now even small targets become more visible, regardless of lighting conditions and your distance. When using ATN MARS 4 scopes in other industries, such as security and protection, it means you’ll see a threat long before it puts you in danger. When recording video, this quality is also not lost.

3. Video recording:

And Yes, with this sight You can record videos!

You can choose whether you want to record video at 30 or 60fps (30Hz and 60Hz) and this is another useful update from ATN. Previously, you had to settle for only 30 Hz.

Remember also that one of the handy features of the ATN MARS 4 sights is that you can use the RAV (recording the moment of the shot) function. This means that all your shots will be recorded without the need for additional button clamping. Now, with Mars 4, all the exciting hunting footage will be captured with superb realism and story transfer that you’ll want to keep for years to come.

4. Streaming video:

But why wait to copy or send videos to your friends, colleagues or hunting companions? They can view your footage in real time as it happened in the ATN MARS HD sights.

Due to numerous requests from customers, Dual Stream Video is now available in ATN MARS 4. This means that while recording the footage on the micro SD card at the same time available to broadcast it live. Everyone can view your videos live in 720p quality.

It’s a handy tool for you and other hunters in your community, but it’s also a certain safety feature if you use these scopes in other areas. When everyone knows what you’re seeing, they can take appropriate action in a variety of situations with up-to-date, real-time target information.

You can decide for yourself how much space you will need to write, as the SD card slot is compatible with cards from 4GB to 64GB.

5. Battery life:

Every hunter wants to work at full capacity throughout the hunt, so battery life is a priority when searching for new equipment. This time ATN did not disappoint us in this regard. From our point of view, this is the second most important update that MARS 4 sights have received.

While the sight of MARS HD on the strength gave eight hours of field conditions, Mars 4 can give You more than 16 hours of excellent hunting. But on the sights with a resolution of 384×288 promises us as much as 16 hours of continuous use. This is more than twice as long as the analogues offer.

This is partly due to the high efficiency of the dual-core processor. Because it is not as susceptible to heat as many others, it helps to save energy significantly.

This is the first digital sight that you can use on a single charge for such a long time, which makes ATN a market leader in this aspect as well.

6. Wheel zoom:

Another usability-focused update is the smooth zoom wheel. This device is necessary for full control over the situation-now each click will correspond to a certain multiplicity of magnification.

The design of the smooth zoom wheel meets all the requirements for ease of use. The ridges of the wheel make it easy to grip, so your fingers won’t be able to slip off easily. Even when you work in cold weather, you will be easy and convenient to use this sight.

7. Safe removal of the exit pupil:

Of course, there are many aspects that determine your comfort when using a rifle. ATN has not forgotten about one of the most important parameters: removal of the exit pupil.

The ATN MARS 4 range features a convenient 90mm (3.5-inch) eye removal, which is more than enough to ensure that the recoil does not damage the eyes. It also makes it a more convenient option for those who wear glasses, and far more impressive than the MARS HD with its limited 65mm removal.

Again, a very important update that meets the demands and needs of consumers.

Final thoughts

While MARS HD has long been impressive, MARS 4 takes thermal imaging to the next level. With such superior processing capabilities and technology, this sight opens a new Chapter for hunters and professionals in other areas of protection and conservation.

Of course, high technology will only be useful if it is packaged in user-friendly devices. This sight fully meets this requirement. The controls are ergonomic and allow you to easily manage all the functionality of this sight without any problems. They also enable more people to enjoy sport hunting, even if they wear glasses.

And that’s what makes it pay off: all the features You could wish for are there, and they’re easy to use regardless of your experience. As a final bonus-ATN manages to keep prices affordable, so there is no reason Why you would not like this sight.

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