High standards of night vision with powerful digital night vision sight Pulsar Digisight LRF N960! This model is equipped with an accurate laser rangefinder with continuous scanning function and accuracy up to one meter. Also, this laser rangefinder is able to measure the angular deviation of the target, which is especially important for shooting from the tower.

The Pulsar Digisight LRF N960 night vision sight belongs to the digital generation of night vision devices, which means that it is not in any way afraid of bright flashes of light. The maximum detection range of such a device is 500 meters of the distance of the growth figure of the boar type (subject to the use of built-in infrared illuminator).

Features of the Pulsar Digisight LRF N960 digital night vision sight

Accurate detection and control of weapon blockage

This night vision device is equipped with the best-in-class digital matrix with advanced image brightness enhancement function. When this is not enough-at your service infrared lamp with a wavelength of 915 nm. This spectrum of light is not visible to the naked eye. Its other feature is the function of control of a blockage of the weapon with an opportunity of automatic switching-off of the device at horizontal position of a rifle.

Easy targeting and digital reticle

Digital night vision sight Pulsar automatic calibration LRF N960 very easy to calibrate. For these tasks, you are given the function of one cartridge and the “freeze image” (required to shift the calibration cross to the point of impact). In the sight memory you can store up to 3 shooting profiles for different types of weapons or ammunition, for 5 distances each. The sighting grid in this device has 14 display options, 2 polarities (black and white) and 2 color options for the illumination of the Central reticle (green and red).

Field of view and impact resistance

All the sights of the pulsar Digisight 900 series feature a 30% increased field of view, compared to previous models. At the same time, it is provided with an optical magnification of 3.5 times and smooth digital scaling up to 14X. This sight is equipped with an Eyecup with a safe removal of the exit pupil, which gives you absolute freedom in the choice of weapons. Riflescope Pulsar automatic calibration LRF N960 holds up to 6 kJ muzzle energy.

External power and remote control

This device is equipped with a connector for an external power supply (such as Pulsar EPS3I or Pulsar EPS5), and it operates on four standard AA batteries. You can learn more about battery life on the characteristics tab. Also, on the lower part of the case there is a video output to which the corresponding video recorder is connected. This device displays video in NTSC and PAL formats. All functions of this device can also be controlled from the remote control, which duplicates the entire main interface of the sight.

Technical parameters of Pulsar Digisight LRF N960

The resolution matrix 752×582
Core ССD
Display ОLЕD 640×480
Lens F50/1,1
Increase 3,5 – 14 x
Minimum focus distance 5.5 m
Field of view 6° (at 3.5 x magnification)
Exit pupil diameter 6 mm
Remove exit pupil 67 mm
Range of action of the rangefinder 400 m
Human detection range 500 m
Diopter setting – 4 … + 3
The range of human recognition 300 m
Video output Analog
The use of the weapon
The price of division of the mechanism of input of amendments 17 / 17 mm per 100 m
Impact resistance 6000 j
Type of reticle Interchangeable reticle
Additional opportunity
Infrared illumination LED, wavelength-810 nm
Binding Weaver, Prism 14/200, MAK Adapter, Moose, BK
Autonomous operation 4 h (without IR), 2.5 … 3.5 h (with IR)
Battery type 4xAA
External power supply DC 9 ÷ 15V / 3W
Guarantee 3 years
Remote control Wireless remote control
Overall dimensions 340x110x94 mm
Weight 1000 grams


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