Every hunter wants to know … every hunter will know where his target is sitting. Only need a quality night vision device. Here he is. The sight of the new-generation Pulsar automatic calibration Ultra N455! This device is a direct descendant of the glorious kind of digital night vision devices Pulsar Digisight, whose proud name is known to every hunter on our planet!

Let’s start with the filling. Digital night vision sight Pulsar Digisight Ultra N455 is equipped with an advanced matrix of CMOS technology with a resolution of 1280×720 pixels. This was not yet in one of the previous digital PNV of this series. And it was a rapid leap into the future! This matrix produces much more sensitive images with the same parameters of the output lens and the power of additional infrared lighting, as in the model number “355”.

The set of functions of the device of night vision Pulsar Digisight Ultra N455 is so extensive that sometimes it seems that You bought not just a sight for hunting, but a real laptop computer. However, we still try to present You all his strengths in the most concise form, so as not to spend too much of your precious time.

Key features of the pulsar Digisight Ultra N455 night vision sight:

Sensitive sensor

A new generation of digital optics for hunting embodied in the sensor technology CMOS resolution 1280×720 pixels. This resolution allows you to lighten even the darkest night scenes. With him it is clear that is not subject to the human eye!

Adjustable magnification

The pulsar Digisight Ultra N455 night vision sight has two types of digital zoom – stepped and smooth. The first type has only three positions at multiplicities of 4.5 X, 9X and 16X, and the second – covers the full range of magnification, which is here in the range of 4.5-16X.

Quick targeting and 15 profiles

This sight is easily put on any type of weapon, and also just shoot. It is enough only to shift the reticle to the real point of contact, and everything else for you to do sight! All You can adjust Ultra N455 to three different carbines, 5 ranges each.

Picture-in-picture mode

This mode has already become the trademark highlight of Pulsar devices. Picture-in-picture mode allows you to aim at magnification without problems while controlling the overall field of view. The top picture shows only the enlarged Central part of the display.

Long working time

And most importantly-it is an impressive time on the native battery. As with all manufactured now are digital devices pulsar, here is the battery pack IPS5, which are full enough for 5 hours with a maximum workload of sight. Also, you can buy a more powerful battery IPS10, which will give you twice as many pleasant moments on the hunt!

Built-in video recording

On the body of this sight there is a separate button for recording photos and videos. All footage is stored on an internal memory card of 8 GB, which is enough for more than 10 hours of footage and thousands of photos. Later, media files can be transferred to your computer using the USB included in the package.

Invisible backlight

This sight comes complete with an infrared lamp with a wavelength of 940 nm, which is completely invisible to the human (and hence the animal) eye range. Powered flashlight from the power of the entire device, which is also very convenient.

Sync via Wi-FI

Without this it is impossible to imagine more than one device on our planet. But the Internet here does not act as a limitless storehouse of knowledge, but as a tool for synchronizing the sight with your smartphone. It’s simple. You install a special application on your smartphone, connect to the network of the device and can carry out any settings and adjustments at a distance. As well as shoot videos, broadcast on the Internet and even upload videos to the network.

Reliability, performance, and protection

Riflescope Pulsar automatic calibration Ultra N455 specifically tailored to its work on weapons with high recoil (including gauges 9.3х64, .30-06,.300,.375 and others). It also has IPX7 level of security to work in the rain and other negative atmospheric effects. This sight works both at -25 and at +50 without any problems.

Technical parameters

The resolution matrix 1280×720
Core CMOS sensor
Display AMOLED 1024×768
Increase 2x – 4x
Minimum focus distance 5 m
Exit pupil diameter 5 mm
Remove exit pupil 50 mm
Human detection range 500 m
Diopter setting – 5 … + 5
Support microSD card Built-In 8GB
microUSB Yes
WiFi Sync with your smartphone. Broadcast video
Video output Record photos and videos in the format .avi 1024×768
The use of the weapon
Impact resistance 6000 j
Additional opportunity
Laser 940nm LED
Operating characteristic
Battery type Li-Ion IPS5 / 5000 mAh / DC 3.7 V
External power supply 5 V (USB)
Warranty 3 years
Remote control Remote control
Overall dimensions 370x73x74 mm
Weight 770 grams


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