Digital rifle scope night vision Yukon Photon RT 6×50 c пoддepжĸoй Ѕtrеаm Vіѕіоn suitable for professional and любитeльcĸиx observations, target shooting in twilight and at night, a тaĸжe of reference photos and видeocъемĸи in real-time.

  • Peculiar properties:
  • Large increase
  • Built-in video recorder
  • Quick change power supply
  • Possibility to use during the day
  • High night sensitivity
  • Integration with IOS and Android devices
  • Updated software sight
  • Youtube. Live video and Internet recording
  • The usual setting for weapons on a standard ring 30mm
  • Impact resistance on large calibers: 12 cal., 9.3×64, .375H&H
  • Replacement reticle – 6 configurations / 3 color designs
  • The distance of recognition of the animal growth of 1.7 meters 180 meters

Distinctive feature:

Possibility to use during the day

Digital PNV can be used during the day, which does not affect their further performance and working life in General. In the case of daytime use in the lens cover of the sight Photon RT provides a diaphragm, which reduces the amount of light entering the lens, reduces the brightness and increases the contrast of the image, making the observation more comfortable

Replacement of the reticle

The mark is entered on the display electronically and is always in the image plane of the target. Memory Photon RT contains 6 different configuration and purpose of sighting marks in three color versions.

Large increase

The basic multiplicity of Photon RT digital sights (4.5 x or 6x, depending on the modification) provided by optical and electronic components can be doubled by means of the digital zoom function, at the same time due to the high resolution of electronic components (sensor and display) of the image even at the maximum multiplicity is characterized by high quality.

Impact resistance on large calibers: 12 cal., 9.3×64, .375H&H

Digital sights Photon RT are characterized by high impact resistance and can be used with rifled hunting weapons for ammunition, 9,3×64, .30-06,.300,.375. etc., as well as shotguns and air weapons.

Quick change power supply

Batteries (4xAA) are placed in a special container, which is placed in the battery compartment of the device. The delivery set includes an additional container – if the batteries are depleted, a pre-prepared container with fresh batteries can be quickly placed in the battery compartment of the device.

Observation at long distances

High night sensitivity, large magnification and a powerful built-in IR illuminator for total darkness make Photon RT an effective target detection tool at distances of more than 200 meters.

Built-in video recorder

Photon RT sights are equipped with a recording device that allows you to make high – resolution photo and video shooting directly in the process of observation. Image and video files stored on the built-in memory card can be transferred to a computer or mobile device via a wired connection or Wi-Fi connection.

Technical parameters:

Type of matrix CMOS
Camera resolution, Pix. 768×576
LCD display type
Display resolution, Pix.   640×480
Magnification, X6 / 12
Lens diameter, mm 50
Removal of exit pupil, mm 70
Exit pupil diameter, mm 5
The limit of refocus ocular, DPTR± 4
Min. focusing distance, m 1.5
Recognition distance, m 180
Radiation source (diode type) LED
The wavelength of the IR illuminator, 940 nm (invisible)
Continuous operation time, 3.5 hour
External power supply 5 V
Operating temperature, -15 ° C … +50
Water resistant IPX5
Dimensions, mm 458x100x92
Weight, kg 0.93
Weight (without power supply), kg 0.82


  • Photon RT sight,
  • Carrying Case, Instruction Manual,
  • USB cable,
  • Additional battery container,
  • The case of the container of the battery,
  • Optics cleaning cloth,
  • Warranty card.


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