Night vision sight PULSAR Phantom 4×60 (green) generation 2+ is characterized by strict design and maximum functionality. The sight is waterproof (IPX6 according to IEC 60529) and can be operated in precipitation of any intensity.

Features of Pulsar Phantom night vision sight:

  • Phantom 4×60 takes into account all the requirements of modern night hunting. It has a strict design and maximum functionality. The sight is waterproof (IPX6 according to IEC 60529) and can be operated in precipitation of any intensity.
  • The gas-filled optical path will protect the optics and internal cavities of the device from fogging, which can occur as a result of temperature changes or in high humidity conditions.
  • The body of the sight is made of high-strength special plastics.
    The design of the Phantom body and the reinforced eop unit provide impact resistance when using powerful ammunition, including 9.3×62, 9.3×74, 375H&H.;
  • EOP gen. 2+ with automatic brightness adjustment combined with a high-aperture focusing lens gives a great image.
  • High light gain allows hunting in critically low night light conditions, up to 10-4 Lux* (night sky in clouds).
  • The voltage stabilization system eliminates the removal of the reticle even with a strong discharge of the battery.
  • Effectively addressed the question of the choice of the aiming mark. At its sole discretion, the hunter can choose the configuration of the reticle (one of three options), the most suitable for each case, and change it by simply pressing the button.
  • Flashing reticle indicates an urgent, within 15-30 minutes, the need to replace the battery.
  • On the left side of the body is the bar Weaver 7/8″, which serves to install various accessories, including additional, more powerful, IR illuminator, LCC, directional microphone, etc. the Main controls of the sight are located on the top panel, which eliminates the possibility of accidental switching by negligence, from hitting a branch when walking, etc.


  1. 4×60 modifications
  2. Gas-filled optical path (tightness class IPX6)
  3. Various types of image intensifier TUBE gen 2+ in the construction (DEP XX1441, XR 5, ЭПМ66Г, etc. types of EOP)
  4. Protection of EOP from exceeding the General level of illumination
  5. Automatic image brightness adjustment
  6. Lens with internal focus
  7. Custom configure the reticle.
  8. Short-time power-on function
  9. Power supply with voltage regulation
  10. Work on one AA (1.5 V) or CR 123 (3V) battery)
  11. Low battery indication
  12. Detachable, focusable IR illuminator
  13. Remote control with high reliability connector
  14. Weaver 7/8 ” strap on body
  15. Protected against loss of lens cap
  16. Instant power button

Internal lens focusing.

The lens uses a discrete image focusing mechanism (from 5 m to …) with reinforced fixing drum focus at the level of 100 meters (for the convenience of “touch”). This focus function allows you to get a clear image at extremely short distances and achieve optimal image quality at any other distances within the working distance of the sight.

Lens cover.

Soft rubber cover with diaphragm is fixed on the rim of the sight lens.For observation or shooting there is no need to remove the cover, it must be moved, placed in a convenient place on the lens body. The cover is fixed on a rigid plastic Hoop, recessed into the groove on the lens frame. This ensures its protection from loss.

Instant on.

The function of instantaneous switching on of the sight and IR illuminator is convenient when constant monitoring is not conducted, for short-term monitoring in order to assess the situation. In this case, the sight works only when the button is held down.

Sighting mark.

The red reticle with adjustable brightness level. At its own discretion, the hunter may select a pattern of a reticle (five* available) most appropriate to each koncernom case. and change it with a simple click of a button.

The power of sight.

It can be carried out both from one element of type AA (1,5 V), and from element CR123 (3V). The power supply with voltage stabilization system ensures the proper operation of all sight systems, even when the batteries are critically low, excluding the removal of the sighting mark and changes in its brightness. The batteries in the battery compartment are arranged vertically. This increases the reliability of power supply when recoil at the time of the shot.

The remote control.

The remote control duplicates the functions of switching on the device and IR illuminator. The third button is designed to instantly turn on the sight and IR illuminator (sight works only when the button is delayed in the pressed position). This is convenient when constant monitoring is not conducted to quickly turn on the device, navigate, aim and shoot.

Other features.

The sight is equipped with a focused IR illuminator that can be easily removed from the sight without the need for it. On the left side of the case is the weaver 7/8 ” bar, which serves for the installation of various accessories, including additionally, more possible, IR illuminator, laser target designator, etc.


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