Night vision sight Pulsar Sentinel G2+ 4×60 (EOP EPM66G-2) G2+ is characterized by ergonomic design, reliability, simplicity and ease of operation. The lens with internal focus gives a clear contrast image. Optical elements of the sight are made of high-quality glass and repeatedly illuminated.

Soft rubber cover is permanently fixed on the rim of the sight lens and protected from loss.

When observing or shooting, there is no need to remove the cover, it must be moved, placed in a convenient place on the lens body. Built-in adjustable IR illuminator allows you to use the sight in complete darkness.

The sighting mark is equipped with a rangefinder scale and graduated, so that you can make adjustments when aiming, depending on the distance to the target, as well as choose the color of the sighting mark, between red and green (modifications are also available with the sighting mark type Mil – Dot). The voltage stabilization system of the power supply unit prevents the withdrawal of the sighting mark even with a strong discharge of batteries and allows more efficient use of their life. The inclusion of the sight and IR illuminator on the hunt can be performed using a remote control with a plug of increased reliability.


– Electronic optical Converter (EOP) generation 2+
– Sighting distance label selectable color (green/red) label or Mil-Dot(76125Т and 76126Т)
– Tightness class IPX4 (splash-proof)
High resolution and image quality across the field of the TUBE’s screen
– High-quality aperture optics with optimal magnification of 3 and 4 times
– Minimum observation distance of 5 meters.
– Choice of mounts that allow you to set the sight on almost any type of hunting weapons
– Self-contained power supply with voltage regulation
– Vertical location of the battery-reliable power supply when firing
– Ergonomic design
– Focused IR illuminator
– Remote control with high reliability connector
– Additional weaver side bar
– Non-erasing lens cap
– Lightweight and durable titanium case

Technical characteristics Pulsar Sentinel G2+ 4х60:

Model 26115Т 26116Т
Visual magnification, x 3 4
Light diameter of the lens, mm 50 60
Generation/type of EOC 2+ / EPM66G2 2+ / EPM66G2
Resolution, lines / mm 45 45
Angle of view, angle.hail.(at 50 mm) 13 11
Maximum distance of aimed fire, m* 1000 1000
The minimum viewing distance, m 5 8
Limit refocus the eyepiece, diopter ±3,5 ±3,5
Operating voltage/battery type 3B/2xAA** 3B/2xAA**
Continuous operation time on one set of batteries, hour (IR illumination off) 70 70
Removal of exit pupil, mm 50 50
Temperature range -30 °C to + 40 °C -30 °C to + 40 °C
Class of tightness (the degree of protection against ingress of water) IP code IPX4 IPX4
Length, mm 288 320
Width, mm 90 90
Height, mm 100 100
Weight, kg*** ~ 1,0 ~ 1,0

* Under natural night illumination of 0.05 Lux (quarter moon)
** It is recommended to use AA batteries “Alkaline”, because they are characterized by the longest duration of operation.
** The weight of the sight depends on the type of mounting bracket. The sight is available with various modifications of fixed mounting for installation on hunting weapons, which has a bar for mounting sights on top or special tides on the side of the receiver

– Sight “Sentinel G2+” Assembly
– Case
– Remote control
– Operating instructions
– Warranty card

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