Why pay more? All you need for night observation and hunting is the Pulsar Quantum Lite XQ23V thermal Imager! This guy earns every spent hryvnia! It is based on an uncooled microbolometer with a resolution of 384×288 and a pixel pitch of 17 nm. It is capable of detecting thermal objects in a variety of observing conditions, be it mixed forest or steppe.

The Pulsar Quantum Lite xq23v thermal imager has an optical magnification of 1.8 times, which, when using digital magnification (2x-4x), allows you to detect thermal objects of human growth at a distance of up to 800 meters! The set of thermal imager includes everything you need for a full hunt: case, video cable, wrist strap, spare battery compartment, microfiber, instructions and warranty.

Color palettes and smooth operation

This thermal imager is ready to provide you with night scenes in one of the 7 thermal display palette options-black and white and color. A 50-Hertz processor ensures you always smooth movement in the frame, even in the most dynamic scenes.

Display and stadiametric rangefinder

The Pulsar Quantum Lite xq23v thermal imager is equipped with a frost-resistant OLED display with a resolution of 640×480, with the function of temporary deactivation without switching off the entire device, which is especially useful for saving charge. In addition, this imager has a built-in stadiametric rangefinder, which estimated the distance measurement to the target.

Convenient control and video output

The Pulsar Quantum Lite xq23v thermal imager has the most simplified control in the form of a panel on the top of the device, and an encoder on the side of the thermal imager, for manual adjustment of brightness and contrast of images. All statuses of the device are displayed at the bottom of the display, on a special information panel, which in no way interferes with the overall observation. And to be able to output thermal scenes to an external monitor or video, there is an analog video output.

Energy saving and ergonomics

This thermal imager is powered by AA batteries, which are installed in the battery compartment in a special case. The power saving mode with video output cut-off (up to 6.5 hours) allows you to maximize the life of a single power supply. It is also possible to supply power from an external Pulsar power source. The body of the Pulsar Quantum Lite xq23v thermal imager is designed to meet all the requirements for impact resistance and moisture protection, and is able to withstand even extreme temperature changes!

Technical parameters

The resolution matrix 384×288
Ядро Uncooled microbolometer (ULIS France)
Frequency 50 Hz
Display AMOLED 640×480
The image palette Black/White/Color
Increase 1.8 … 7.2 x magnification(2x digital-4x)
Minimum focus distance 3 m
Field of view 16.5×12.4 degrees
Exit pupil diameter 8 mm
Remove exit pupil 20 mm
Human detection range 800 m
Diopter setting +5/-5
IP rating IPX4
Autonomous operation 5.5 … 6.5 h
Battery type 4xAA
External power supply DC 8.4 ÷ 15
Remote control Remote control (sold separately)
Overall dimensions 200x86x59 mm
Weight 450 grams


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