Maximum power and best thermal vision technology in the Pulsar Trail XP38 sight! This thermal sight is the absolute novelty of the season 2017-2018! It is based on a microbolometer with high resolution (640×480), operating at a frequency of 50 Hz and external heat removal. This heat sink helps the device to work stably and to show the most accurate images even with continuous operation without pauses.

The Pulsar Tris XP38 thermal sight is equipped with everything you need for fast and accurate shooting, as well as a range of multimedia capabilities. And the key difference from the previous lines of thermal imagers pulsar is work from a removable battery, which is much more convenient than the standard power from AA or CR123 batteries.

Saturated images and stadiametric rangefinder

This thermal sight has the most saturated and contrast images with a high degree of detail. With it you will easily be watching through the bushes and haze, but the best result it will show in open areas (detection up to 1300 meters). For a more precise definition of separation of purpose there is provided stadiametric rangefinder.

Fast calibration and high impact resistance

Thermal sight Pulsar Tris XP38 is equipped with everything necessary for accurate and fast shooting – among other things, here is the function of “one-shot” and “frezze” (saving in memory of the last shot and its subsequent adjustment). Also available here is a profile for shooting 5 different distances, where you can save all the parameters of the sight calibration and quickly restore them if necessary. There are a large number of digital sighting nets with different configurations. And this sight can be installed even on large-caliber weapons with muzzle energy up to 6 kJ

Picture-in-picture and display

Among other advanced features of this Pulsar Tris XP38, there is a very useful option to display a magnified image in the center of the screen on top of the main one. The so-called” picture in picture ” allows you to get the most approximate target, and at the same time keep a wide overview of the whole scene. And for better masking and better preservation of the charge is to use the function of temporary shutdown of the display without deactivating the entire device.

Gyroscope and multimedia

For the most accurate and fast aiming this device is equipped with a gyroscope, which will show you the direction of elimination of the blockage of the weapon, and can automatically turn off the entire sight with a significant deviation from the optical axis. An important feature of the Pulsar Tris sight is also the built-in photo and video recording, as well as the ability to synchronize with your smartphone via wireless Internet connection (Wi – Fi).

Versatility and practicality

Body thermal sight Pulsar Tris XP38 protects the entire device from dust and moisture (protection class IPX7), and may not even be for a long time lowered into the water. And it works from one removable battery that allows you to monitor for 8 hours without interruption!

Technical specifications Thermal imaging scope Pulsar Trail XP38

Matrix resolution 640×480
Core Uncooled (ULIS France)
Frequency 50 Hz
Display AMOLED 640×480
The image palette Black / White / Color
Lens 38 mm, F / 1,2
Increase 1.2 … 9.6 x, digital zoom 2x-4x-8x
Minimum focus distance 5 m
Field of view 16.3×12.3°
Remove exit pupil 50 mm
Human detection range 1350 m
Diopter setting +4/-4
Range of human recognition 600 m
Range of human identification 300 m
Video format .avi, photo – .jpg 640×480
microUSB Yes
WiFi Yes, 2.4 GHz 802.11 b/g/n
The use of the weapon
Cost per click 45 mm per 100 m
Impact resistance 6000 joules
Type of reticle Replaceable digital grid
Autonomous operation 8 hours
Battery type B-Pack (Li-ion)
External power supply 5V – USB
Remote control Remote control
Overall dimensions 285x72x76 mm
Weight 520 grams



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